Power of compounding

The only thing worse than investing late is not investing at all.
Use the power of compounding
Compounding is the best reason for starting early. The sooner you begin investing the better - every day that you are invested is a day that your money is working for you.

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Invest as per your needs
If you know you will need cash next year (down payment for a house, child's college fee etc), opt for a shorter term, low capital risk investment (such as liquid/ gilt/ money market funds, bank term deposits or top-rated company deposits/ fixed income investment options).

Similarly, invest money that you will not need for 3-5 years in the stock market.

Evaluate your investing skills
Finding the right money manager for your investments is important. You could manage your money yourself, use professional money managers, or invest through mutual funds.

Financial planning is not about financial expertise and hard work. All it needs is the right approach and discipline.