What are the prescribed pay-in and pay-out days for funds and securities for Normal Settlement?

The pay-in and pay-out days for funds and securities are prescribed as per the Settlement Cycle. A typical Settlement Cycle of Normal Settlement is given below:

Activity Day
Trading Rolling Settlement Trading T

Clearing Custodial Confirmation T+1 working days
Delivery Generation T+1 working days

Settlement Securities and Funds pay in T+2 working days
Securities and Funds pay out T+2 working days

Post Settlement Valuation Debit T+2 working days
Auction T+3 working days
Bad Delivery Reporting T+4 working days
Auction settlement T+5 working days
Close out T+5 working days
Rectified bad delivery pay-in and pay-outT+6 working days
Re-bad delivery reporting and pickup T+8 working days
Close out of re-bad delivery T+9 working days

Note: The above is a typical settlement cycle for normal (regular) market segment. The days prescribed for the above activities may change in case of factors like holidays, bank closing etc. You may refer to scheduled dates of pay-in/pay-out notified by the Exchange for each settlement from time-to-time